Radio Interview on Yoko's debut album, "The Path of the Wind"

-With Mr. Chi Chung at Commercial Radio

(27 Oct, 2018) 

Radio Interview - Commercial Radio
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Featured in a French radio network

- fip (30 Jul, 1,)

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"Yoko Wende, mon coup de coeur cette année (my favorite this year)"

-Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace (Apr, 2018)

"Glamorous Japanese singer Yoko Wende performing with a jazz band"  

-Asia Pacific Boating Magazine (Jan, 2017)

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"First-rate jazz singer, Yoko Wende, in Jazz Summer"  

-Time Out Hong Kong (June, 2016)

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Time Out Hong Kong Article, Yoko Wende, first-rate jazz singer, jazz festival, hong kong

Radio Interview

-RTHK Radio 3 (June, 2016)

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RTHK Radio 3 interview, Yoko Wende, jazz festival, hong kong, big band, singer

Radio Interview

-Commercial Radio (June, 2016)

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